360Benchmarks; WorkPlace Big Five; MBTI®; FIRO‐B
English, Mandarin

Ph.D. (medicine)


Alison specialises in Self-Awareness Leadership Development Coaching “bringing your whole self to work”, Cross Cultural Teamwork, supporting Chinese executives in their career transition in MNCs, and supporting expatriates in MNCs to gain a better understanding of working in corporate China. Alison’s passion also includes supporting difficult communications in conflict management and rigorously maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


From Malaysia, Alison has 20 years of China corporate experience as Co-Founder and General Manager of the first US-Shanghai (Government) Healthcare Joint-Venture - World Link Medical Centers (acquired by MNC Parkway Health), the China Commercial Director for Bristol Meyers Squibb and the Head of Health Economics and New Feasibility Clinical Trials at GlaxoSmithKline. Prior to China, she worked in Singapore and New York as a Management Consultant for Ernst & Young. Alison has a dual degree major in Medicine and Business from Ireland and London in the UK.


Alison’s large corporate clients include HSBC Bank, Gerson Lehrman consulting group, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Unilever group, Sony, L’Oreal and CEIBS (EMBA programme).


Alison's coaching style is based on developing greater self-awareness and courage to look within oneself. This leads to self-correcting and self-generating attitudes which lead to accountable actions leading to performance results. All this is integrated with well- being, integrity, empathy and the community (work and life). Alison's coaching has been described as "great presence, accountable results, positive and supportive."