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Birgitta is an enthusiastic, creative and experienced executive coach who was born in Sweden and has lived, studied and worked in various countries. She brings both personal experience and professional expertise to her coaching. Besides Europe, Birgitta has lived in the US , Indonesia, Taiwan and mainland China. Collaborating with, developing and serving people to grow and excel personally and professionally is Birgitta’s greatest strength as well as her greatest motivator.
During the last 6 years Birgitta has worked as a trainer and coach in China, first in Guangzhou and now in Beijing. In these roles she has trained and coached Chinese and Western individuals and teams, from various industries and different levels of leadership. In Beijing Birgitta worked for two years as a Senior HR Consultant, Trainer and Coach for Thomas International, a global company focusing on psychometric assessments.
During this time she trained, coached and managed long term change management projects for international companies, while giving numerous workshops and training programmes focusing on team communication and leadership development.
Birgitta delivers training courses in areas such as organisational behaviour, cross-cultural communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and presentation skills.
She is a CTI trained Co-Active Coach and an accredited ICF coach.