MBTI® Step I & II, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B®)
English, German

MA (Intl. Business Law), JD, MBA


Christoph is a consultant and executive coach with a strong focus on business leadership. He has lived and worked in Beijing and Hong Kong for the last 12 years and coaches executives for business improvement. These include a wide range of skills for managing in a cross-cultural setting.
A trained lawyer, Christoph worked as a lawyer, corporate turn-around specialist, and banker. He restructured numerous telecom companies and other troubled start-ups in Silicon Valley in the ‘90s. During those assignments he usually served as the interim CEO/COO, and was in charge of cost-cutting, fund raising, and general management until the business became profitable again. Before working in Silicon Valley, Christoph was at Dresdner Bank (Germany, Canada and the US), where he worked in the field of Credit Risk Management and Commodity and Trade Finance (1990-1993).

Christoph is presently researching for his PhD thesis. He holds a Master of Law (International Business Law) from the University of Manchester, England, a Juris Doctor from the University of Hamburg, Germany as well as an MBA.