MBTI Certified; Executive Coach (PDI org.)

PhD: Human and Organizational Development


James is a highly experienced and effective executive coach who began his executive coaching practice in 2003 while working for a global executive development organization. He combines his own executive experience of over 30 years with his doctoral degree in psychology into a coaching approach that provides executives deep insights and brings powerful and lasting results. His current coaching practice focuses on senior executives in global companies who have Regional or China P/L or functional leadership responsibilities. He also coaches individuals seen as high potential and who are on a fast track for the top leadership role in their organization. He is the retired Managing Director of Korn Ferry’s China Leadership and Talent Consulting business. 


James listens, questions, reflects, and helps clients improve their ability to develop and practice new capabilities. He uses a variety of coaching models and assessments to tailor an individual coaching approach to quickly and effectively help executives gain personal insights and focus on necessary change. He strong empathy combined with his interpersonal communication skills and results-orientation, inspires clients to achieve higher levels of professional success. Areas in which he has helped senior leaders enhance their skills include improved critical, innovative and strategic thinking, accelerating their team’s development, dealing with interpersonal conflict, executive presence and presentation skills, cross-cultural communication, and working effectively in a global organization. In addition to coaching individuals, he works with intact executive teams to help them align around a common purpose, goal and culture, and to develop relevant team processes and behaviors to achieve their business strategy.