Faculty Member & Front Room Leader of CTI CPCC (Certified Co-active Coach) Certified EPP Coach Certified MBTI Practitioner Certified DISC Practitioner Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA™)
English, Mandarin

Rebecca is a Leadership Coach and Training Consultant. During her 4 years of service at the Siemens Management Institute she worked with internal clients of different business sectors across ASEAN countries from Industry, Energy, Healthcare, as well as across business sectors i.e.: Siemens IT Services, Financial Leasing and Bosch Siemens. Rebecca’s areas of focus are one to one leadership coaching, team coaching and design and delivery of training solutions/workshops.


Her coachees are on all levels from senior managers to team leaders. Rebecca’s personal mission is “to support others to live fully!” She is also a faculty member, Front Room Leader of CTI (Coaching Training Institute, US). She leads professional coaching certification programmes, as well as being a coach for certification coach students.

Prior to this, Rebecca worked for IWNC, a multi-national training company for 11 years. During that period, she maintained contacts with a portfolio of clients working with them on the design and delivery of programmes. Her clients are multi-national companies and include Google, Schneider, Volkswagen, Ameco, Duke University, Darden Business School, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and UBS.