Xin L.
Mandarin; English

BSc (Physics) 


Xin is a very experienced consultant with more than 6 years experience in leadership coaching and training in leading multinational and majour corporations in automotive, logistic, telecommunication, medical device, electronic and measurement industries.  She is skilled in subject areas such as coaching for leaders, leadership development and communication and other soft skills development areas.


Before operating as an independent consultant Xin started her career as a Manufacturing Engineer for Jiangling Motors and gained exposure into leading teams in different production lines as well as JV (Jiangling & Ford) management. She then joined  TDS Germany as the site representative for supporting Audi A6 production in China. She later joined Tradex Converting as a Key Account Manager and was responsible for client management. In 2007, Xin joined Unfors RaySafe china as the General Manager and set up the China business. She was responsible for staff hiring, business development, managing and running the entire business operation.  Xin's 20 plus years of MNC experience covering management, sales, logistics, quality and engineering, in different industries has given her a solid foundation for her training and coaching journey.  


Xin's own corporate experience in leading diverse teams, gives her great credibility when working across the management spectrum ranging from middle to senior executives and C-suite level leaders. Her areas of expertise include leadership development and communication, executive coaching, delivering coaching programmes and other soft skills development areas. Xin's training/facilitation experience include facilitating private Board regular meetings,  team coaching for management teams, group facilitation on performance and personal growth, public training course in American Chamber Shanghai and in-house training in companies e.g. ACCA, Shuangliang Group etc. She is a passionate facilitator cum advocate of leadership and inspires middle to senior managers to become great leaders and effective followers. 


Xin has created opportunities to learn from well-known world class master coaches and trainers. She is a qualified practitioner for the following instruments and programmes: 



  • ACN Coach Certification Program – Certified NLP coach

  • TCI (Team Coaching Institute): Team Coaching Intensive

  • South Central Institute of NLP: NLP Intensive Training Program

  • TPC Leadership: Leadership Coaching

  • ICF CCE: Coaching Skills and Tools

  • ICF CCE: Moore Master Coaching

  • Neuro-Semantics: Group and Team Coaching