Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation®

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  • FIRO® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation®)

    The 2 instruments in the FIRO® suite are:

    • The FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviour™) instrument
    • The FIRO Business™ assessment


    The FIRO-B® instrument was developed by Will Schutz in the late 1950’s and has been the instrument of choice for learning and development professionals, coaches, and counsellors for more than 50 years. It describes the deeply held psychological needs which affect your relationships with others at work and outside work.


    The FIRO Business™ assessment was developed in 2008 to give busy executives a more business related report, focusing on workplace applications. It also produces an excellent FIRO Business™ Leadership Report which shows your strengths and development areas in leadership.

    The instruments are available in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and 10 other languages.


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the FIRO® instrument.

    Overview of the FIRO-B® Instrument

    FIRO-B® stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviour™. It assesses how you typically behave towards others and how you would like others to behave towards you. It assesses needs in 3 areas; inclusion, control and affection with behaviours in 2 directions; expressed and wanted.


    Expressed – I make an effort to include others in my activities. I try to belong, to join social groups - to be with people as much as possible.
    Wanted – I want other people to invite me to belong. I enjoy it when others notice me.


    Expressed – I try to exert control and influence over things. I enjoy organising things and directing others.
    Wanted – I feel most comfortable working in well-defined situations. I try to get clear expectations and instruction.


    Expressed – I make an effort to get close to people. I am comfortable expressing personal feelings and I try to be supportive of others.
    Wanted – I want others to act warmly towards me. I enjoy it when people share their feelings with me and when they encourage my efforts.


    Overview of the FIRO Business™ Instrument

    The FIRO Business™ instrument is based on the same research data as the FIR0-B®. It has only 30 questions instead of 54 and takes only 10 minutes to complete. The scores are presented in easy to read, percentile format and are normed against an international databank of 2,800 working adults (50% in managerial positions). The language is business focused, so the 3 interpersonal needs are referred to as:


    • Involvement

    (Inclusion, participation, recognition, belonging, and how you relate to groups)

    • Influence

    (control, leadership, responsibility, and decision making authority)

    • Connection

    (warmth, understanding, closeness, openness, and how you relate to individuals)

  • Buying Instruments & Books

    The Myers-Briggs Company Pty Ltd. (The Myers-Briggs Company) is the regional distributor for the MBTI® , FIRO® , EQ-i® , TKI™ plus a wide range of other instruments. MDS manages MDS Hong Kong, MDS Beijing and MDS Taiwan. We hold a full stock of the psychometric instruments, books and booklets distributed by The Myers-Briggs Company Pty Ltd.


    To view the details of MBTI® Products please click on : 

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    For further details please contact

    Hong Kong enquiries:
    Daniel Lee or Angela Leung on (852) 2817 6807
    ( or


    China enquiries:
    Jackie Zhang on (86 10) 8441 7710

    Taiwan enquiries:
    Vivian Chan or Carlson Leung on (886 2) 7730 3378 ext 8092
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  • FIRO® Certification Programme

    MDS is the sole distributor for The Myers-Briggs Company (visit and delivers the 2 day international FIRO® Certification Programme in Hong Kong (English or Cantonese) and Beijing and Taipei (Mandarin). If you have a first degree (in any subject) you are eligible to apply. 


    On successful completion of the FIRO® Certification Programme you will be registered as a certified practitioner. You will then be able to buy and administer the FIRO® instruments via MDS.


    MDS became the centre of excellence for the FIRO® instruments in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei in 2001. Since then we have certified FIRO® practitioners in many of the top global companies operating in Greater China.


    Click here for programme details


    The FIRO® Certification Program has been approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for the following Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours:


    Core Competencies: 2.5
    Resource Development: 10


  • FIRO® Case Study

  • FIRO® Sample Reports

    First decide whether you want to use the full FIRO-B® instrument or the FIRO Business™ instrument. The different reports available are :


    FIRO-B® Reports

    The FIRO-B® is available online or in self-scorable (pencil and paper) format. The available reports are :

    All reports (and the self-scorable FIRO-B) are accompanied by the booklet “Introduction to the FIRO-B®”. This gives more detailed information of your FIRO-B® Profile and the profiles of others in your team.


    Please note that the Combined MBTI® and FIRO-B® Leadership Report can only be generated if you have completed the FIRO-B® online. The report is then generated by adding your “best fit” MBTI® Type. The available report is :


    FIRO Business™ Reports

    The FIRO Business™ is available online only. The available reports are:

    Please note that the FIRO Business™ Leadership Report cannot be printed without the FIRO Business™ Profile. However the FIRO Business™ Profile can be generated and used by itself.

    These reports are accompanied by the booklet “Introduction to the FIRO Business™”. This gives more detailed information of your FIRO Business™ Profile and the profiles of others in your team.

  • Taking Your FIRO® Assessment

    The FIRO-B® instrument is available online or in paper and pencil, self-scorable format. It takes 20 - 30 minutes to complete. The online administration gives you a choice of reports.


    The most widely used is the FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organisations. If you have completed an online FIRO-B® assessment  you can also generate the The Leadership Report Using FIRO-B®& MBTI® by adding your best fit MBTI® type.


    The FIRO Business™ assessment is available online only. It has only 30 questions instead of 54 and takes only 10 minutes to complete. 
  • FIRO® Application Programmes

    The FIRO-B® reports gives a very clear explanation of how people working together may potentially match or clash. It is therefore very valuable in:

    • Teambuilding – identifying likely sources of compatibility or tension, aiding effective decision making, improving communication, openness and trust.
    • Leadership development – increasing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness for personal growth and leadership development.
    • Relationship counselling – identifying and resolving possible sources of incompatibility and dissatisfaction.
    • Assessment – providing essential data when preparing candidates in assessment and development centres.

    So trainers use the FIRO-B® instrument to deeply understand relationships in the workplace. It is particularly valuable when relationships are strained or when there are low levels of cooperation in a team. Please click the following links to see how MDS embeds the FIRO-B® into specific programmes.

    • Building Team Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® instrument
    • Building Leadership Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® Instrument


    The FIRO Business™ Reports are particularly valuable to leaders because they show how you relate to direct reports, superiors and peers, influence and negotiate, make decisions, and set priorities. This comprehensive leadership assessment details strengths and development recommendations for improving your leadership performance.


    So trainers use the FIRO Business™ instrument to help leaders understand how their interpersonal style determines their leadership behaviours in the workplace. Please click Leadership Development - Using the FIRO Business™ instrument to see how MDS embeds the FIRO Business™ instrument into specific programmes.