Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™

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  • TKI™ (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™)

    For the last 30 years the TKI™ has been the world leader in conflict resolution assessment. It is used as a catalyst to open discussions and create learning programmes about how your conflict-handling style affects personal and group dynamics. The TKI™ is therefore an excellent instrument to use in programmes for:

    • conflict resolution
    • negotiation
    • mediation
    • assertive communication
    • persuading and influencing
    • dealing with difficult people


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the TKI™ instrument.

    Overview of the TKI™

    The TKI™ was created by Ralph Kilmann and Ken Thomas after extensive research into the behaviours which people display when they are interacting with others in demanding and difficult settings. It builds on 2 dimensions (assertiveness and cooperativeness) and creates 5 “conflict handling modes.”

    Understanding TKI™ results gives you the chance to overcome the fear, anger, and frustration which you are likely to feel in conflict. This new understanding then leads to opportunities for constructive outcomes. The powerful TKI™ model demonstrates that conflict-handling behaviours are neither good nor bad. Rather, conflict resolution is simply a matter of expanding skill sets and choosing the most effective behaviours for a particular situation. 

    Once you have completed your questionnaire you will see your scores in the following 5 conflict modes:


    Becoming a TKI™ Practitioner

    You do not have to complete a formal certification programme to use the TKI™. However, if you wish to become a TKI™ practitioner you will need to buy the "Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment Workshop Facilitation Kit" and the booklet "Introduction to Conflict Management.


    For details please visit the "Product Directory"

    You may also wish to join an MDS half day workshop “Getting Results with the TKI™” which teaches you best practice methods for running a TKI™ workshop. You will also practise using the exercises described in the “Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment Workshop Facilitation Kit.” 


  • Buying Instruments & Books

    The Myers-Briggs Company Pty Ltd. (The Myers-Briggs Company) is the regional distributor for the MBTI® , FIRO® , EQ-i® , TKI™ plus a wide range of other instruments. MDS manages MDS Hong Kong, MDS Beijing and MDS Taiwan. We hold a full stock of the psychometric instruments, books and booklets distributed by The Myers-Briggs Company Pty Ltd.


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  • TKI® Case Study

  • TKI™ Sample Reports

    You can take the TKI™ as a self-scorable (pencil and paper) questionnaire and follow the clear instructions for completing and scoring. 


    Alternatively you can take the questionnaire online which produces a choice of reports :


    These reports are accompanied by the booklet "Introduction to Conflict Management


  • Taking your TKI™ Assessment

    The TKI™ has 30 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The self-scorable report can be scored in class and takes about another 20 minutes to compare raw scores against the global database.


    The advantage of the online assessment is that it produces a very user-friendly report which saves time scoring in class. It also takes you to a review of your highest and lowest scores more quickly.


    All reports (and the self-scorable) are accompanied by the booklet “Introduction to Conflict Management”. This gives you more detailed information about understanding and applying the 5 TKI™modes.


  • TKI™ Application Programmes

    Trainers use the TKI™ most often when developing team leaders and sales professionals. Please click the following links to see how MDS embeds the TKI™ into core leadership and sales programmes:

    • Winning Sales Negotiations
    • Moving into Management

    Then the following 2 programmes are also popular specialist skills programmes using the TKI™ for staff at all levels.

    Negotiating for Success – Using the TKI™

    This programme enables you to work with your colleagues and internal clients to achieve win-win. This results in much more collaboration across functions and cooperation within teams. Using experiential exercises you will understand your own levels of assertiveness and cooperativeness – the dimensions used in the TKI™ model. You then learn how to use the 5 conflict modes of the TKI™ to be more influential in discussions. You will learn how to carry out consultations with internal clients. Then you use a model for negotiation and learn the creative techniques for finding collaborative solutions.



    By the end of the programme you will be able to:

    • Understand your TKI™ profile with its assets and liabilities
    • Use a 2 phase model for negotiating – how to bargain for internal resources
    • Prepare extensively to understand your colleagues needs and how to meet them
    • Use a model for consulting with internal clients
    • Use the 5 TKI™ modes effectively to present and persuade effectively
    • Use TKI™ principles to have much more productive team discussions
    • Apply the TKI™ modes to achieve win-win solutions with colleagues
    • Use the skills for “compromising” as a good working alternative to collaboration
    Conflict Resolution – Using the TKI™

    This programme enables you to understand the causes of conflict in organisations and gives you the techniques for resolving conflict. This means you will be able to handle difficult conversations with confidence and help to build more productive team and interpersonal relationships. You will learn about competitiveness in life and work and commit to creating a workplace culture which is respectful, generous and supportive of others. You will learn how to apply the 5 modes of the TKI™ using a tried and tested 5 step model for conflict resolution. You will also learn how to use these skills to mediate for others in conflict.


    By the end of the programme you will be able to:

    • Understand your TKI™ profile with its assets and liabilities 
    • Work with a check list to remove the causes of conflict in organisations
    • Understand the pluses and minuses of competitiveness in the workplace
    • Manage difficult conversations with Competing and Avoiding people
    • Use a 5 step model to resolve conflict and remove misunderstanding
    • Build new skills in the TKI™ modes where you are most challenged
    • Use a model for mediating between 2 people in conflict
    • Build trust and respect for others to replace misunderstanding and conflict