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    Global Mindset is the essence of 21st-century leadership.  Leaders who have a high level of Global Mindset are more likely to succeed in working with people from other cultures.


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the GMI®.

    Overview of the GMI®
    In this age of rapid change and transformation, the biggest challenge for global leaders is to influence people from different cultural, political, social or institutional system than their own.
    The Global Ready Leader program uses the Global Mindset® Inventory (GMI®) from the Thunderbird Nafaji Global Mindset Institute in Arizona.  It supports organisations to step up to the challenge of being ‘truly global’. 
    The Global Ready Leader Programme will enable you to improve your :
    • Global talent selection : Help you more accurately identify candidates who have the potential to be successful in regional and global roles.
    • Global talent development : Accelerate the mindset shift of leaders with any level of international responsibilities.
    • Global expansion / acquisition : Equip leaders to influence effectively across diverse teams and organizations in a fast changing environment.
    • Globally adaptive culture : Comprehensively develop your leadership culture to be successful in a multi-national environment. 
    MDS offers a suite of Global Ready Talent Development programmes which can be tailored to meet your needs. All programmes include either the GMI Self, 180° and 360° or pre-post report.
    The GMI Model (3 Capitals) : 

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  • GMI Sample Reports

    The GMI questionnaire produces some report options :