Who We Are

Management Development Services Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1995. It has a wholly owned foreign enterprise in Beijing (Beijing Nuo Hua Shi) and branch offices in Shanghai and Taipei. Our full time staff of 27 includes trainers and coaches plus sales and operations teams which manage 25 Associate Trainers and 30 Associate Coaches in more than 12 cities in Greater China and the AP Region. Click Our Team.

We are the largest independent L and D supplier in Hong Kong and have an extensive footprint in the PRC. We are proud to serve some of the most successful foreign companies working in Greater China and also Chinese SOEs (States Owned Enterprises) and POEs (Privately owned Enterprises) as they expand into the global marketplace. Please click MDS Clients.
And for more specific details from a selection of our client assignments and projects please click Cases Studies.
In order to maintain the highest professional quality we are delighted to work with partners who are global leaders in their fields. These are major players in the specialist areas of assessment instruments, leadership and coaching and sales training. Please click International Partners.
To keep our position as thought leaders in our industry MDS owns more than 40 leadership and sales programmes which are continuously updated – and are customised for each client. Further we employ the latest techniques for ensuring high impact programmes with learning applied immediately to the workplace. Click Blended Learning.

Finally for a short summary of what MDS can offer your company please check Our Value Proposition.