Transforming Self Transforming Sales Seminar ~ Using the SPA™

28 Feb 2018(9:00am - 12:00pm)

Why do top sales professionals sell so successfully ?  


Join MDS on 28th February for a short seminar which we will unlock the secrets of the mindset and sales behaviours that transform sales performance using the Sales Performance Assessment™. You will get a profile of your present sales behaviors in a SPA™ Self Report and formulate an individual development plan for sales excellence.  The SPA™ is the world’s leading instrument for improving sales effectiveness for long-term success. This provides you with objective data regarding the changes you need to make to sell more successfully in 2018. You will learn what make you tick to drive more sales.

You will go online to complete your SPA™ Self questionnaire before the workshop. 

Take away :

Use a great assessment model to raise self-awareness and identify your sales profile

Understand the mindset which motivates sales professionals to sell 

Understand why top sales professionals sell better than others

Understand the different sales drivers to build a top performing sales team

How to make use SPA™ to build a personal development plan and to sell more successfully in the future

Who should attend

The seminar is designed for:

Sales professionals and sales leaders at any level of sales experience

Key account managers, business partners and those who have business development responsibilities 

Sales leaders can join this workshop together with their sales team