Essential Leadership Skills for the Digital Transformation Age

31 Aug 2018(3:00pm – 5:00pm)

According to a recent Management Research Group (MRG) survey of 2,663 global leaders that examined how leaders see themselves, as well as how others see their leaders, FOUR primary themes among 22 recognizable leadership practices emerged as most critical in the face of disruption and a volatile and complex business environment:

Cognitive Strength to be both Strategic and Innovative

Impactful and Influential Communicators

Ability to Cultivate Team Engagement

Calm and Focused Under Pressure

In this workshop, Robin Ball, Founder and Managing Director of Management Development Services Limited (MDS) will 

unlock insights that predict leadership effectiveness in the digital transformation age.


The latest research data for successful leaders in the digital age 

Making the move from transactional to transformational leadership

The powerful impact of Gen Y on modern leadership

Collaboration – the essential missing element

The workshop is designed for: HR professionals, business leaders or department heads interested in improving their leadership and team effectiveness, talent and organizational development professionals, and leadership development professionals.