Managing Conflicts Using the TKI™

28 May 2018(2:00 - 5:00pm )

Managing conflicts is simply a matter of expanding skill sets and choosing the most effective behaviours for a particular situation. In this workshop, Cameron Nott, Managing Director of CPP and a registered Psychologist will use the TKI™, a Harvard win-win model for negotiation to demonstrate how your knowledge of the model enables you to become a successful negotiator, a persuasive leader and an influential communicator in managing workplace conflicts effectively.


Taking your TKI™ is at the heart of the workshop. Understanding your TKI™ results give you the chance to overcome the fear, anger and frustration which you are likely to feel in conflicts. The TKI™ measures the behavioural modes which people adopt in difficult situations. The 5 conflict-handling modes are:

  1. Competing
  2. Collaborating
  3. Compromising
  4. Avoiding
  5. Accommodating

Workshop Objectives

·         Understand the five conflict modes of the TKI™ model

·         Increase your awareness of your own and others’ conflict styles

·         Develop skills for assessing conflict situations and selecting appropriate strategies to handle them

·         Practice using different conflict modes

·         Create an action plan for developing more effective conflict resolution skills

Who should attend

The seminar is suitable for:

·         Anyone in the workplace or non workplace environment who need to resolve a conflict

·         Department head and manager who need to have a difficult discussion with a subordinate or team member

·         Sales leaders and professionals who need to negotiate and win a sales deal

·         Anyone who need to persuade and influence others when the stakes are high