MDS Newsletter August 2017

01 Aug 2017- 31 Oct 2017

MDS Certification Programmes
up to 30 November 2017

On the 14th of June MDS was once again a sponsor of the AMCHAM Beijing HR Conference, “Shifting Tides: HR Innovation in a Digital World”. This year conference saw a 21% increase in participants compared to 2016, with stronger representation from senior HR Professions and Human Capital Experts. Professional Anil K Gupta, Professor and Chair in Strategy and Globalization in Maryland University and one of the world’s top 50 management thinkers, provided the keynote speech. 
As the global economy faces greater dynamism and uncertainty, the global game changers include the rise of emerging markets, digitization of everything, changing structure of global integration, divergent demographics, climate change and the increasing influence of the individual.
Professor Gupta impressed the crowd of over 170 as he challenged corporations to strategically commit to a “digital heart transplant” instead of just applying a “digital lipstick” by re-inventing themselves with a digital operating model at the core. 
As he summarized his speech, Professor Gupta stressed that the “new norm” for leadership capabilities include business leaders who are technologically savvy, agile, entrepreneurial and well-informed about global developments and emerging ecosystems.
HR professionals will also increasingly need to adopt these leadership capabilities as well as a more strategic view in order to remain successful in their fast changing organisations. 
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On 12th and 13th June MDS successfully brought the Leading with a Global Mindset Programme to Beijing in partnership with Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. The programme took place in the JW Marriott Beijing, and participants included senior leaders from a number of multinational companies in China.
Professor Anil K. Gupta and Global Mindset expert Elisa Mallis led an energetic and insightful 2-day program, focusing on the impact of globalization on leaders in China, with many company examples and case studies. Participants learned the secrets of successful global leadership and had the opportunity to see a specific measurement of their own Global Mindset, using the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI®). The highly interactive skills practice in the areas of global business saavy, intercultural impact and influencing with diplomacy enabled participants to make a step change in their capability and impact as regional and global leaders. 
Another session of Leading with a Global Mindset is coming up in Shanghai on 4th and 5th of September. Please contact or call +86 010 8441 7739 for registration information. 

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MDS Hong Kong partnered with the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association ( APLMA ) on 16 May, 2017 to deliver a lunch and learn workshop on Women’s Leadership. 
During the workshop, Robin Ball, Managing Director of MDS has presented interesting findings of MRG® research on gender and leadership as it makes a comparison between the male and female leadership using the LEA360™ model. The seminar has attracted 50 female members from the Women in the Loan Market Asia (WILMA), all in the senior leadership role within their companies. 
The presentation contained meaningful insight and inspire reflection on leadership behaviors between male and female. The female leaders have had an enjoyable time as they actively took part in the discussions about the gender differences on leadership behaviors in terms of how they are differ, what causes the differences and why the male leaders are more successful in some areas. 
The session has shed lights to the women leaders as they start new journeys of leadership with their professional development plan. 

MDS Hong Kong has jointed efforts with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce to run the first 4-day MBTI Certification Programme in Cantonese to the members. 
The HKGCC is the most prestigious business organization in Hong Kong. MDS is honored to partner with the Chamber to promote the world’s most trusted personality instrument – the MBTI assessment - via their business platform. 
Jonathan Wong, Director, Principal Consultant of MDS and Master Trainer of MBTI had delivered the programme with overwhelming success. The 4-day interactive workshop has provided many opportunities for the practitioners to practice presenting the MBTI Step I & II instruments and interpreting the results in a variety of situations. 
The practitioners were fully engaged as they learned the tips and techniques to enrich individual, improve performance of the team, and organization using the MBTI.

On 7th of June Dr. Anil Gupta, Michael Dingman Chair in Strategy and Globalization at the University of Maryland, joined President Emeritus Joerg Wuttke to discuss the expanding global role of China Inc. and the influence of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Chinese outbound direct investment (ODI).
Gupta noted the comparative year on year surge in China’s ODI, but dismissed the notion that China is ‘buying up the world’ as hyperbole. He noted that China’s ODI stock as a percentage of the GDP remains significantly below other larger economies.
Professor Gupta also observed that while traditionally the majority of Chinese ODI has been into resources in developing economies, the recent ODI growth in Europe and United States has resonated more with the media as China increasingly ‘learns to globalise’ and make more financially prudent investments.
In the Q&A session, Wuttke pointed to Chinese acquisition of Volvo (by Geely) and Putzmeister (by Sany) as evidence that Chinese outbound investment, particularly by the private sector has reached a new level of maturity.
Speakers also touched on some of the uncertainties surrounding the BRI, such as the impact of poor governance in many countries along the belt, and the sheer scale of capital outlay required to undertake such an ambitious project across so many potential investment destinations.
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