MDS Newsletter September 2017

01 Sep 2017- 30 Nov 2017

MDS Hong Kong participated in the HR Magazine Conference on 14 July, 2017. The conference is one of the most dedicated HR event in Hong Kong which attracted over 200 senior HR Directors and Learning & Development specialists in the region.
Being a gold sponsor, MDS’ consultants and directors focused on the theme of “Lead Fearlessly – Using Data For Development”, unveiling the secrets to developing best leadership and sales practices using the LEA™ and SPA™ assessment instruments.

12 September 2017 marked the launch of the 4th Coaching Survey. MDS and The Leadership Group were the main sponsors of the survey, and the launch event was co-organized with the AmCham HR Forum in Beijing.
Mila Dorosh, Millennial Coach and a key member of the Coaching Survey Project Team presented the key findings which include data from companies using coaching services and external and internal Executive Coaches delivering coaching services in China, Hong Kong and India.
Following her presentation several speakers participated in a panel discussion on the topic of Leadership in an Agile World. Tracy Driscoll, Head of Coaching at The Leadership Group facilitated the panel discussion, involving Maggie Men (China Hewlett-Packard’s Training Director) and Sally Wei, (Associate Director of Organizational Development at Novo Nordisk China). The speakers shared their experience and best practices on working with different levels of leadership through constant change and many challenges.
Fourth Coaching Survey: An Asia Coaching Benchmark - CHINA| INDIA| HONG KONG
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8 August, 2017, MDS Hong Kong partnered with the Hong Kong General Chambers of Commerce on a leadership workshop using the LEA360™ model for its member. Senior professionals in HR and L&D, GMs and MDs enjoyed the 2.5-hour workshop.
Robin Ball, Managing Director of MDS Hong Kong showcased how companies create their “ideal” leadership profile using the LEA Strategic Directions™. The participants were all amazed by the process and practicality of the Strategic Directions that enables each company to understand its unique leadership practices to match their companies’ values and drive a successful business strategy.
The workshop also led the participants to investigate their leadership profile by focusing on three key LEA™ practices of “Strategic”, “Persuasive” and “Management Focus”. In the last half hour of the workshop, participants practiced coaching and development skills in the three leadership practices.
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How to Use Your Extroverted Personality to Get Ahead of Work – Play into your Strengths and be aware of your Weaknesses 

"The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment created to help people better understand and appreciate differences in personalities and perspectives," This tool is a self-assessment that helps you understand how you’re energized (extraversion or introversion), the way you take in information (sensing or intuition), what things you weigh when you make decisions (thinking or feeling), and how you organize your time and world (judging or perceiving)."
Here's how to get ahead at work no matter what career path you've set your sights on, based on which side of the scale you fall for each of the four main personality pillars.
It's important to note that no one is 100% introverted or extroverted. We're all capable of both introversion and extroversion when the occasion calls for it. For example, we might become more extroverted in an office setting, but act more introverted at home. But if you generally find yourself more energized by people than you do drained, you likely to fall more toward the extroversion side. "An extrovert is a people person," "Someone who is an extrovert is likely to feel comfortable meeting new people and engaging in small talk before a team meeting or professional gathering."
GETTING AHEAD: Whether it's leading a meeting or giving a client presentation, extroverts shine when tasked with getting up in front of people. "Extroverts tend to prefer verbal communication, "Presenting in the workplace can be very outward facing, and [extroverts are] good at engaging a large variety of people. Extroverts are comfortable leading teams, and want to address conflict face-to-face." The affinity for meeting new people also helps extroverts get ahead in their respective career disciplines. "Extroverts can often be well-networked which assists in their advancement". 
CHALLENGES: Extroverts excel at building workplace relationships — but this can end up being detrimental to their workload. "For those who enjoy (and get great fulfilment from) socializing with others, it can sometimes be tough to break away from office dialogue to get work done.
WHAT TO WORK ON: Balancing your passion for socializing with your workload is key for extroverts. "Set clear boundaries so that you have time to socialize, but not at the expense of meeting your deadlines". Also, be aware that in a diverse environment, you will be working with introverts who may not welcome long social chats at work. Thus, developing this sensitivity and awareness towards others will help create more harmonious relationships at work.

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