Career Development

Career Development – Using the MBTI® Instrument (2 Days)


This programme uses:

The MBTI® Career Report
MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type”
MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type and Careers”

This programme enables you to build a career mindset and manage your own career path using the MBTI® instrument. You will learn the gifts and drawbacks you have both in selecting a career and in planning your career development process. 

Day 1 gives you a solid grounding in self-awareness as you reach MBTI® “best fit” (agree your personality type), and carry out the key MBTI® exercises to understand your career mindset. In Day 2 you will learn how you make decisions about careers and what careers and workplace cultures attract you. You will also learn 4 key steps in job search, including how to set your career goal and overcome obstacles which are predicted by your Type. 


Deploy your own strengths effectively and manage your blind spots
Understand how Type development affects career development
Identify probable areas of discomfort or challenges in your present job

Understand your personality preferences to better manage job challenges
Increase your learning style skills to enhance career development
Use the MBTI® Career Development Model to set clear goals
Motivate and encourage yourself to create a positive career mindset
Formulate an Individual Development Plan and plan development discussions with your Manager