Conflict Resolution

Conflict Mediation – Using the MBTI® Instrument (2 Days)


This programme uses:

The MBTI® Step I Report “Interpretive Report for Organisations”

MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type”

MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type and Conflict”

This programme enables you to greatly improve performance in the workplace by handling conflict effectively. You will learn key skills to manage your own conflict with others and advanced skills for mediating conflict between others. 

Day 1 gives you a solid grounding in self-awareness as you reach MBTI® “best fit” (agree your personality type) and carry out the key MBTI® exercises for understanding why people of different Types get into conflict. You will learn how to value others who are different to you and work on ways to remove the misunderstandings which cause conflict. In Day 2 you will learn skills to resolve conflicts by using the MBTI® model for conflict resolution. This gives you a complete guide for mediation.


Deploy your own strengths effectively and manage your blind spots

Value others who have different preferences and ways of doing things
Identify the roots of conflict in organisations – and remove them as far as possible

Improve your own performance in resolving conflict by managing your own strengths and weaknesses

Use a 3 step model to understand the conflict management process

Understand how different conflict pairs are likely to cause conflict

Use a 5 step model to reach win-win solutions to conflicts

Use skills of refection and enquiry to find shared solutions when mediating conflicts

Use a model for mediation to resolve conflicts between others