Leadership – Using the MBTI® Instrument (2 Days)

This programme uses:

The MBTI® Step I Report “Interpretive Report for Organisations”
MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type”
MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type and Leadership


This programme enables you to become a highly effective team leader. To achieve this you need to be aware of yourself and others and the natural gifts which you bring to leadership, and to have a clear personal development plan.

Day 1 gives you a solid grounding in self-awareness as you reach MBTI® “best fit” (agree your personality type) and the chance to see the gifts you bring to leadership, as well as the areas where you will need to develop. In day 2 you will learn a model of leadership using the MBTI® and join in exercises to see your leadership in action. You will learn that creating and communicating a vision is as important as supervising tasks.


Deploy your own strengths effectively and manage your blind spots
Understand how your Type gives you potential assets and liabilities in leadership
Motivate individuals in your team by appreciating people differences
Work with people differences to build synergy in teams
Use a model of leadership to build a development plan for effectiveness
Set and follow an ethical “compass” for leadership – build trust with others
Communicate effectively by “pressing the right buttons” for different Types
Create a plan to build skills for leadership where you have development needs