Persuading and Influencing

Persuading and Influencing – using the MBTI® Instrument (2 Days)


This programme uses:

The MBTI® Step I Report “Interpretive Report for Organisations”

MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type”

MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type and Communication”

This programme enables you to become a persuasive person who gets others to accept your ideas. You will also learn the techniques for building networks of influence so that others seek you out for advice.
Day 1 gives you a solid grounding in self-awareness as you reach MBTI® “best fit” (agree your personality type) and carry out the key MBTI® exercises for communication. These provide clear examples of how different Types are motivated and inspired (or the reverse) by particular ideas and presentational style. In Day 2 you will learn the tips and techniques for getting your ideas across effectively to different people. You also learn how to present an image of confidence and openness so that others want you in their network.


Deploy your own strengths effectively and manage your blind spots

Understand your own communication style – strengths and weaknesses

Modify your communication style to appeal to a range of Types

Work with the different style of others to win support and acceptance

Influence others by adopting a more assertive and confident attitude

Raise your level of dominance by building collaboration across differences

Become an influential person by networking effectively

Influence others by “pulling” rather than “pushing”