Selling – Using the MBTI® Instrument (2 Days)


This programme uses:

The MBTI® Step I Report “Interpretive Report for Organisations”

MBTI® booklet “Introduction to Type”

MBTI® booklet “Using Type in Selling”

This programme gives you the skills for building client relationships in complex B2B selling. You learn that understanding your client’s Type gives you an immediate advantage in “getting on her wavelength”.  

Day 1 gives you a solid grounding in self-awareness as you reach MBTI® “best fit” (agree your personality type) and carry out the key MBTI® exercises for selling. You will gain skills to guess the personality types of your different buyers. You will also realise areas in selling where you are gifted (by Type) and others where you are challenged. In day 2 you will use “Using Type and Selling.” This gives you tips and techniques to build confidence with your clients by asking richer questions, leading purposeful discussions and closing deals more effectively.


Deploy your own strengths effectively and manage your blind spots

Build skills for working out your client’s personality type

Know your own strengths and weaknesses in selling according to your Type

Use different selling techniques for different Types

Improve your skills at the 4 stages of selling by applying Type knowledge

Engage clients more skilfully during the sales consultation

Persuade and influence by getting on the client’s wavelength

Overcome objections and close deals more successfully