Building Team Relationships

Using the FIRO-B® Instrument (1 Day)

This programme uses:

FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organisations

The booklet Introduction to FIRO-B®

This programme enables you to understand your deeply held psychological needs and how these affect your interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This allows you to deepen your self-awareness and allows you to see where changes in your behaviour could improve your effectiveness. You join in interactive exercises to see how you clash, match or align with others in your team.  You will also learn about your team role, either as a clarifier, director, or encourager and how this adds value to the team. This allows team members to decide how to work together with greater levels of cooperation and support.


Understand how your deeply held psychological needs affect your behaviour

Define your team role and celebrate the value you add to the team

Know where you match or clash with others and work to remove conflict

Make changes to raise levels of cooperation and communication in the team