Building Leadership Relationships

Using the FIRO-B® Instrument (1 day)

This programme uses:

FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organisations

The booklet Introduction to FIRO-B®

This one day application programme for leaders assumes that you have already completed your FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organisations and received feedback. It is best to do this by attending the 1 day programme Building Team Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® Instrument. Or MDS can easily arrange one-to-one feedback with your FIRO® trainer (for you and other participants) before the programme start.

Building Leadership Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® Instrument enables you to understand your leadership behaviours and modify them to be more effective in the role. It takes you through the 3 styles of leadership using the FIRO-B® instrument. You examine the Blake/Mouton leadership research and note how your FIRO-B® profile pre-disposes you to people or task leadership styles. Through experiential exercises you will note what effect your style, either collaboration, authority or empathy has on others. You also understand the key steps of team formation through the inclusion, control and affection stages of the FIRO-B® instrument.


Understand how your psychological needs generate a predictable leadership style

Assess the pros and cons of collaboration, authority and empathy in leadership

Apply the FIRO-B® team formation stages to build your team

Learn to respond to “situational leadership” by flexing your leadership style