Leadership Development

Using the FIRO Business™ Instrument

This programme uses:

FIRO Business™ Profile and FIRO Business™ Leadership Report 

The booklet Introduction to the FIRO Business™

This one day application programme for leaders enables you to make the most of your FIRO Business™ Leadership Report by building a leadership development plan. You understand how your own psychological needs affect relationships with your boss, direct reports and other members of the leadership team. You are then in a position to change your behaviours to build much more productive relationships as a leader. In exercises and role plays you will also practice how to negotiate, persuade and influence others more effectively and how to work with the leadership team to make more effective decisions.


Understand how your psychological needs generate a predictable leadership style

Build a more productive relationship with your own boss

Motivate your direct reports by adjusting your behaviours for different situations

Resolve differences and make decisions together with your leadership team