If you have already completed the MDS Core Leadership Programmes you will be keen to develop specific management and leadership skills to a deeper level. This series consists of more than 30 programmes in 23 subject areas. The alphabetical list of subjects is:

1.     Business Development
2. Career Development
3. Customer Service
4. Change
5. Coaching
6. Communication
7. Conflict
8. Creativity
9. Cross-cultural Awareness
10. Influencing
11. Innovation
12. Leadership
13. Mentoring
14. Negotiation 
15. Performance
16. Presentations
17. Project Management
18. Problem Solving
19. Recruitment and Selection
20. Strategy
21. Teambuilding
22. Time Management
23. Train the Trainer

Each programme is designed as a 2 day module followed by a day for learning circles. (To understand the value of learning circles please see blended learning.) All MDS programmes are designed for adult learning so include only 30% trainer delivery, with 70% of the time spent in interactive learning including:

experiential exercises and reviews

case studies and reviews

scenario discussions

role plays

team discussions

individual and team presentations

DVD clips

pair work



Several of the subjects (such as coaching and presentations) have levels of programmes to suit the experience of people at different levels of leadership.

This “learning by doing” focuses on developing new skills in the workplace, which lead to fresh habits, which lead to a changed mindset. All materials are based on the latest research and best practice leadership for companies operating in Greater China and the Region.

Track Record
These programmes are tried and tested with a track record of over 10 years and materials are regularly updated. Also they are tailored to fit the experience level and seniority of your participants, with special role plays and scenarios written for your company.