Persuading and Influencing – Using the TKI®
This programme enables you to be proactive in client engagements (internal and external) and to gain an advantage by being persuasive and influential. It is a TKI® Application Programme.

Persuading and Influencing  – Using the MBTI® Instrument 
This programme uses a personality profile which enables you to understand people at a deeper level and influence them more powerfully. It is an MBTI® Application Programme.

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The Art of Influencing
This programme enables you to become a more influential person in the company so that you can talk to clients, colleagues and team members in a more persuasive way. You will learn how to accommodate others when appropriate – and to pass on difficult messages when necessary. The result is that others are likely to listen to your ideas more carefully and take your suggestions more seriously. This means you will become a more trusted business partner and a more valued team member.

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

Build skills to raise your levels of influence in a group by avoiding passivity

Become more influential by understanding and using power bases

Chose a positive attitude so that people like you

Persuade people by using a soft “pull” approach – rather than pushing

Build trust by using empathy – without overdoing it

Help people assess reasons for making the changes you recommend

Show people the advantages of taking up your suggestions

Raise your scores on “excitement” and “outgoing” to build influence