Leading Teams
This programme enables you to feel confident and competent to lead your team, using a style which both respects people and also wants results. In a range of experiential exercises you explore the key skills for leading teams: planning together, allocating work to the “right” people, inspiring others as you direct the operation, building team spirit and motivating and encouraging your people. And you will learn that this is done much more powerfully when you allocate equal time to task, team and individual needs in the team.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

Use a 24 point check list for leading teams
Use a facilitating style to plan effectively with your team
Lead complex tasks by making decisions and allocating work effectively
Use a command style to lead your team in action
Energise team members with encouragement and feedback
Build team spirit with abundant communication and feedback
Evaluate a project and remain positive when your plans fail
Implement 3 areas of development to create a high performance team

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders – Using the EQi 2.0
This programme enables you to become a more capable leader by knowing yourself and understanding the effect you have on others. You achieve this by exploring emotional intelligence using the social and emotional competencies measured by the EQ-i
 2.0 instrument. Improving your EQ scores deepens and strengthens your relationships in the team and teaches you how to cope with work and people more effectively. Your report gives you some “high points” to celebrate — and some “low points” to put on your development plan.  

At the end of the programme you will be able to:

Recognise and use your emotional impulses correctly

Delay and control unhealthy impulses

Build empathy for the feelings of others and learn how others think and feel

Understand the dynamics of your team and how you fit in

Understand leadership in EQ-i 2.0  terms

focus on 3 areas of leadership behaviour to improve your performance

Enhance self-awareness : recognise own feelings and express them in an appropriate way

Learn solid, practical ways of applying EQ-i 2.0  to manage stress

Leadership  – Using the MBTI® Instrument 
This programme uses a personality profile which enables you to create an effective leadership development plan. It is an MBTI® Application Programme.

For details click Leadership  – Using the MBTI® Instrument