Mentoring Skills for Managers
This programme enables you to step into the mentoring role – even if you have no learning and development background. In this practical skills-based programme you will learn how mentoring works, what mentees expect from the relationship and how to run a mentoring session. You will learn some of the techniques used by professional coaches, and understand how to guide and counsel mentees through their development process. You will also learn how to give advice when appropriate and open up networks within your company. 


By the end of the programme you will be able to:

Understand the role of a mentor as guide, coach and counsellor
Build a trusting relationship where your mentee can share important issues
Run an effective mentoring session using a 5 stage agenda
Build rapport with your mentee by offering encouragement and support
Use questioning and listening skills for effective mentoring
Structure discussions and resolve problems using the GROW model
Know when to “enquire” and when to “give advice”
Help your mentee to move forward with a personal development plan