Project Management

Managing People in Projects
This programme enables you to handle a project with confidence. Project Managers face particular demands as they have sole responsibility for delivering projects but often have to rely on a “shared” team of people in a matrix structure. You will learn the importance of having a concept for your project plan, and the value of using a 6 step model for project management. You then develop skills in the 4 management steps of planning, organising, directing and controlling. You will also need skills in communication and resolving conflict.


By the end of this programme you be able to:

Shape your project using the 6 steps of project management
Build trust, cooperation and commitment to shared goals in your project team

Get the best from virtual teams in matrix organisations
Plan effectively using project management guidelines
Apply specific techniques using GANTT charts, risk analysis and budgeting
Organise your project team, delegate and monitor tasks
Deal with misunderstandings and conflicts
Influence and persuade sponsors and stakeholders

Building Your Project Team
This programme enables you to bring a group of people together, create a project team and manage a successful project. You will work on a simulated project relevant to your industry and use a best-practice approach to project planning. The main emphasis is on understanding team dynamics in a project team. You will learn how to gain agreement and commitment from your team at the planning stage. Then during the action phase you will learn how to use coaching skills to get the best out of individual team members.

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

Lead a project team at the opening and planning phase

Understand the different roles and behaviours in projects teams

Use 6 key steps to manage projects successfully

Agree on decision making and conflict resolution protocols for your team
Agree arrangements for progress reviews and project leadership
Handle poor information, changes and conflict in the action phase
Use people skills to solve problems and energise the team
Develop a culture of collaboration for successful projects