Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving
This programme enables you to master the art of problem solving using traditional as well as creative techniques. Combining exercises and conceptual theories, you will learn techniques which you can use immediately in the workplace. The material is built around an 8 step business school model for problem solving. It is then expanded by Edward de Bono’s famous research with applied exercises. You will learn how to help your team members think more creatively together using de Bono’s principles and challenge them to have a more open and optimistic mindset.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

Use an 8 step model for problem solving and decision making
Carry out problem analysis using the “fishbone” method
Use the “scamper” method to open up creative thinking
Make justifiable decisions using an analysis grid
Understand why management teams are risk averse
Understand the dangers of group think – and take measures to avoid it
Remove fixed preconceptions using de Bono’s “plus, minus, interesting” technique
Manage a team decision-making process using the “Six Thinking Hats”®