Time Management

Maximise Your Time
This programme enables you to raise productivity by managing your own time and others’ time more effectively. Good time management is about finding another “day” in your working week. By applying time management principles you can recover 7 hours of wasted time from the time waster’s rubbish dump. Shaping time planning tools for yourself and your team, and building the discipline to use them is the key to success. You will also learn how to avoid time wasters and create prime time for the tasks which are strategically important.


By the end of the programme you will be able to:

Understand your time wasters and commit to avoiding them
Identify your priorities using the urgent-important matrix
Use scheduling tools and planning charts to develop workable schedules
Use assertive communication to prevent others wasting your time
Use strategies to reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace
Save time for others by delegating tasks and communicating more clearly
Improve efficiency by managing meetings more effectively
Improve your personal effectiveness by applying planning tools and techniques