Moving into Management

Laying a Foundation of Key Management Skills 

Specially designed for first time supervisors, assistant managers and those moving from an individual contributor to a people manager role

Uses the TKI® to develop skills for managing relationships at work and handling difficult people

This 2 module programme enables new or recently appointed managers to move from an individual contributor to the role of manager. It gives them a comprehensive view of what managers do as well as the skills they need to be successful. They will learn how to carry out the key management steps of planning and organising work, then directing and motivating their people, and how to use different behaviours to build effective relationships and achieve high productivity from others. 
Leadership Competencies 


Goal setting

Decision making 


Time management

Conflict management


Giving feedback

Giving thanks and appreciation

Module 1 - Planning and Organising Operations 
Day 1 Planning and Execution 

Leading an Operation

The Role of the Manager

Making Effective Decisions

Communicating Your Ideas 

Day 2 Planning for High Performance 

Setting Priorities

Planning Your Time

Setting Goals and Allocating Work

Raising Productivity 

Module 2 - Leading and Motivating People 
Day 1 Getting the Best from Your People 

Understanding Behaviour

Managing Conflict

Motivating Difficult People

Creating a Participative Leadership Style
Day 2 Managing Results 

Directing Complex Tasks 

Motivating and Energising People

Giving Feedback 

Giving Thanks and Appreciation