Leading High Performance Teams

Task and People Skills for Middle Managers

Specially designed for those leading larger teams where understanding people and team synergy is key to business success 

Uses the MBTI® to raise self awareness and awareness of others

This 2-module programme enables middle managers to become highly effective team leaders. It uses a model for building high performance teams based on the following 5 areas of team development: 

Interpersonal relationships – which build team synergy 

Talented members – who feel confident and competent to contribute 

Clear responsibilities – so that everyone knows what to do 

Effective operating procedures – so time is used effectively

Reinforcement systems – so people feel good about high performance teams 
Middle managers need to be confident about their leadership style. This means being aware of themselves and the natural gifts they bring to leadership. They also need to learn how to adapt their style for situational leadership. Participants will learn how to produce outcomes in these areas and use check lists to ensure that they take these skills back to their team in the workplace. 
Leadership Competencies 





Motivating teams

Performance management

Evaluating and learning from mistakes 

Module 1 – Finding Your Leadership Style 
Day 1 Awareness of Self and Others 

People in Teams

Understanding Personality Types 

Working with the Differences 

Building Your Leadership Profile 
Day 2 The Building Blocks of Leadership 

Ethics and Trust

Communication in Action

Planning with Your Team 

Motivating Your Team
Module 2 – Managing High Performance 
Day 1 Performance Management 

Performance and Goal Setting

Key Skills for Giving Performance Feedback

Dealing with Poor Performance

Keeping Performance on Track – Role Plays
Day 2 Stepping up to Leadership

Empowering People by Delegation

Leadership in Action

Assessing Your Leadership Skills

Managing Success and Failure