Building the Executive Team

Building Collaboration and Shared Vision in the Executive Team

Specially designed for the CEO’s (or MD’s) top team where trust, collaboration and shared goals are key to the company’s success

Uses the MBTI® Step II Report to identify how you relate with the CEO and other team members

Often followed by “Executive Development” – coaching assignments for each executive team member

This 2 day programme enables an executive team to raise levels of trust and transparency between members and the team leader and build a shared vision for the future. Team members profile their strengths and their potential pitfalls. Also, understanding the CEO’s leadership style, and learning how to work with it is a key to success. Together, this creates the culture for a highly collaborative team focused on a commitment to shared business goals. 

Essential Preparations
Before the executive team meets for the programme, each team member completes the MBTI Step II questionnaire and receives feedback on the report. This may be done as a half day team event or as individual feedback sessions with the trainer.

2 Day Programme

Day 1: Valuing Others – Building Effective Relationships

Valuing the Differences

Flexing your Leadership Style

Working as a Team

Building Collaboration in the Team

Day 2: Building Synergy

Exploring Team and Workplace Culture

The Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

How the Team Affects Company Performance

Building a Team Action Plan

“Building the Executive Team” is often followed by a specially written module 2 which picks up on the action plan which the team agreed to. Alternatively executive team members move into “Executive Development” and work on a specially created Personal Development Plan to increase leadership effectiveness. (click Executive Development)