Executive Development

Enhancing the Company’s Leadership Capacity

An executive coaching programme for executive leaders where personal and leadership effectiveness are crucial to the company’s success

Uses the LEA 360™ and MBTI® Step II Report to give a detailed leadership profile and an in-depth personal development plan

This programme is targeted for executives who, at this stage in their careers, need to be totally confident and comfortable with their leadership style and enjoy being on the leadership stage. They will need to be aware of how their leadership behaviours affect the people who create success for their business. In this programme they will learn what motivates them to lead and critically assess their present leadership performance. From this they will be able to craft a personal plan for leadership effectiveness. 

The programme is run as separate coaching assignments for each executive team member and delivered over a 6 month period. Click Executive Coaching. It may also include several half day sessions when the team meets for certain shared learning events. These are usually:

MBTI Step II reports (usually as part of the programme kick off). Click MBTI®

LEA Self Reports (to discuss organisational culture). Click LEA 360

LEA Composite Profile (as a teambuilding event). Click LEA 360

Specific skills-building sessions for the LEA (e.g. Strategic, Persuasive, Excitement)

Selected modules from the “Senior Leadership” programme. Click Senior Leadership

Selected modules from the “Specialist Skills” series. Click Specialist Skills