Persuasive Sales Presentations


Use techniques for creating persuasive material

Shape material which is creative and convincing

Control your nervousness and deliver in a confident manner

Engage your audience by using an interactive style

Handle questions from your audience using a 6 step model

Present powerful body language


Day 1   
  • Work in a class (12 people) to practise all the above key skills
  • Take part in several short exercises for body language, voice control and eye contact
  • Develop a team presentation and use this twice during the day for critique, improvement and handling questions skills
  • For homework you refine and improve your business presentation (which you prepared before class)

Day 2
  • Break into a half class (6 people) and attend for half a day to deliver your 20 minute business presentation 
  • Demonstrate delivery and question handling skills. Receive critique from your audience and the trainer

All practical exercises on day 1 are recorded on camcorder. On day 2 both individual presentations and trainer critique are recorded. You will receive a CD rom with your recordings immediately after the programme for personal development and review with your boss back in the workplace.