Winning Sales Negotiations

Uses the Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI)
This is the classic assessment used in the Harvard win-win model for negotiation. It presents your score on the 5 conflict modes: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating. It is important for you to know your habitual mode. During the programme you will learn the skills to feel comfortable operating in any of the modes.


Use the TKI to plot your strengths and pitfalls in negotiating

Use a 2 phase model for negotiating – preparing and bargaining

Gain a huge advantage by preparing extensively – not only your own position but also your client’s

Direct the negotiation to your advantage by using skills from the TKI – plus bargaining skills from the model

Get the best deal when faced with very hostile negotiators – remaining professional and ethical


Day 1      
  • Learn the modes of the TKI model, learn how to read situations and build the skills to work with the mode which will give you the best advantage
  • Be creative and use collaborating skills to achieve win-win
  • Practice the 12 steps of the preparing / bargaining negotiating model

Day 2
  • Get more assertive as you learn how to negotiate in hostile settings 
  • Learn how to maintain ethical standards and not be beaten
  • Deepen your skills in extensive role plays specially written for your company

Uses many exercises and short role plays on day 1, assisted by video learning. On day 2 you take part in extensive complex role plays (one for win-win and another for hostile settings). All role plays plus the trainer critiques are recorded on camcorder. You receive a CD rom of your own recordings for future review.