Driving Sales Excellence

Using the Sales Performance Assessment™ (SPA™)

The SPA™ is the world’s leading instrument for assessing the sales behaviours and drivers of sales professionals. It presents a unique profile for each sales professional and leads to a clear development plan for higher performance. It is usually used in conjunction with an SPA Strategic Directions assessment. (See Creating the Ideal Sales Profile – using the SPA™ Strategic Directions in this series.)



Use the SPA™ to understand your sales profile

Value your assets in selling  – and be aware of your liabilities

Assess the needs of your present sales role – and work out the gaps

Build skills to close the gaps

Focus energy on selling more effectively in your present role


Day 1
  • Assess how you are gifted in selling and what motivates you to do better
  • Understand what is needed for sales effectiveness in your company
  • Measure your sales profile against the “ideal” profile and design a development plan

Day 2
  • Align yourself with the company’s need for higher scores in market awareness, prospecting,
    persuasiveness and empathy
  • Learn how to be more energised in your client interactions, and build a stronger customer
    focus for long term client

Uses interactive exercises, short demonstrations and tailor made role play scenarios. You will receive your own SPA™ Development Report and work with this extensively during the programme – and for your development plan following the programme.