Creating the Ideal Sales Profile

Using the SPA™ Strategic Directions (Half Day)

Research with the SPA™ instrument proves that there is no one-best-way to sell. Instead a different style of selling is needed for success in different sales settings. It depends on the complexity of the sale, the sales cycle and your company’s competitive position in the marketplace.


The SPA™ is the world’s leading instrument for assessing the sales behaviours and drivers of sales professionals. It is therefore perfectly suited to help you define the “ideal” sales profile for the different teams in your company. The process is called “Strategic Directions” and includes 3 steps:


Selected sales leaders (usually 5 or 6) complete the SPA™ Strategic Directions questionnaire to describe what they think the ideal sales behaviours and drivers should be for a particular sales team.


MDS facilitates a 3.5 hour meeting with the group of sales leaders to discuss the results of their Strategic Directions Composite Report. This leads to an agreement of the “ideal” profile.


The ideal profiles are then used to develop sales teams (see Driving Sales Excellence – using the SPA™) and also for hiring new sales team members.