The Psychology of Selling

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)  (2 Days)

The MBTI® is the world’s leading instrument for assessing personality type. This gives you deep insights into the gifts which you bring to your selling role – and also indicates areas where you are not gifted. You also learn how to interpret your client’s personality and gain a huge advantage in relationship selling.



Use the MBTI® to understand your strengths and pitfalls in selling

Build skills in the areas of selling where you are challenged

Add value to your sales team – complementing others who are different

Develop skills for assessing your client’s MBTI® type

Engage clients more skilfully during the sales consultation

Persuade and influence more effectively by getting on the client’s wavelength

Overcome objections and close deals more effectively using MBTI® skills



Day 1
  • Assess your personality type – your strengths and pitfalls using the MBTI
  • Value diversity – work with team members who are different to you 
  • Understand your client’s particular ways of thinking and communicating 
  • Communicate and influence with different clients

Day 2
  • Build high-level skills for running effective client consultations
  • Create a deeper knowledge of your client to take relationship selling to the next level
  • Be known as a people-focused sales professional – very successful in account management

Uses interactive exercises, short demonstrations and tailor made role play scenarios. You will receive your own MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organisations with details of your work style, selling style, communication style and approach to problem solving.