Strategic Selling®


Strategic Selling® uses the famous BLUE Sheet. It helps you identify sales opportunities and close deals effectively – especially in complex sales settings. It helps you discover the full sales opportunity that your prospect represents. It helps you identify and connect with the different influencers who affect the deal and gives you skills to win their buy-in.


You will learn how to:

Position yourself with the real decision makers and influence them

Locate and develop effective coaches for your sale (in your client company)

Predict whether a sale is possible or not, based on your buyer’s “mode”

Prevent sales from being sabotaged by an internal deal-killer

Distinguish between personal wins and business results – and apply effectively

Close business consistently from quarter to quarter using a sales funnel

Access the final decision-maker quickly and more effectively than your competition

Utilise your limited selling time on quality prospects and avoid “bad business”

Leverage your strengths to put your competition on the defensive

Guarantee repeat business and a steady stream of referrals


Day 1  
  • Understand changes in your selling environment
  • Define a "Single Sales Objective"
  • Define your confidence level
  • Identify the client's 4 "Buying Influences"
  • Assess the power of each of the influences
  • Know what buying "mode" your client is in

Day 2 
  • Use the win-win matrix to avoid disasters
  • Uncover ways to get to the "economic buyer"
  • Leverage new strategies to use against the competition
  • Profile your "ideal clients" and focus time on them
  • Use your sales funnel effectively

The programme uses a very interactive training method where your table team works on an actual blue sheet as you learn the above techniques. You need to bring real client data to the programme (pre-course preparation) for this exercise which runs throughout the 2 days. You will therefore have a practical plan of action as your take-away at the end of the programme.