Conceptual Selling®


Every interaction with your clients includes critical points-of-impact where what you say and how you say it can dramatically influence the outcome of your sale. Conceptual Selling® uses the famous “GREEN Sheet”.  It outlines a unique, four-part questioning process that helps you differentiate your company, product or service from your competition, secure missing information, achieve commitment, and ultimately establish win-win relationships.
Understanding why your clients really buy will significantly improve both your confidence and credibility with your most valuable accounts.
You will learn how to:

Leverage a unique, proactive questioning process to secure missing information

Get inside the client’s head by understanding their decision-making process

Position your company more effectively by utilising your unique strengths

Identify why a client “won’t commit”—and what to do about it

Distinguish between an objection and a basic issue and learn how to overcome them

Position yourself confidently with senior executives

Define realistic expectations for sales call outcomes

Establish credibility with every buyer, every time


Day 1 
  • Understand the client’s concept – and connect it with your sale
  • Determine what action you expect from your client for each call
  • Set measureable single sales objectives
  • Establish a valid business reason so your client will value your visit
  • Establish personal credibility with your client
  • Prepare questions which will uncover crucial information

Day 2
  • Learn how to use effective questioning – and effective listening
  • Decide what information you need to give to influence the deal
  • Plan action for a win-win interaction with your client
  • Ensure you gain commitment from the client as you move on
  • Prepare a detailed call plan for your next sales call

The programme uses a very interactive training method where your table team works on an actual green sheet as you learn the above techniques. You need to bring real client data to the programme (pre-course preparation) for this exercise which runs throughout the 2 days. You will therefore have a practical plan of action as your take-away at the end of the programme.