Large Account Management Process™ (LAMP®)


In most businesses, five percent of the accounts bring in over fifty percent of the revenue. Large Account Management Process™ (LAMP®) uses the famous GOLD Sheet. It shows you how to best manage and grow these key accounts. It also helps you improve relationships between your company and all the individuals within your key accounts. 

You’ll learn how to manage your own cross-functional teams more effectively, how to position yourself with senior people in your client company and deliver the results that matter most for your client.


You will learn how to:

Build lasting, strategic relationships with your best clients

Move from commodity vendor to joint venture business partner

Manage the large account as a whole, not as various disconnected sales

Use your strengths and opportunities to capitalise on current market trends

Focus on work that will pay off — and avoid projects that are wasting your time

Decrease the importance of price sensitivity

Identify and implement essential support programmes

Bring reality into your quarterly revenue forecasting

Establish hard-number revenue targets

Write account action plans that bring measurable results

Make your clients view your company as indispensable to their business success

Position yourself with senior people

Deliver the corporate results that matter most


Day 1: 
  • Cooperate with your client to develop a strategic plan – which works for them
  • Apply the 4 levels of “buy-sell relationships”
  • Understand how “selling up” decreases price sensitivity
  • Analyse your current position with the account using a SWOT analysis
  • Draft your charter statement – avoid confusing with a mission statement

Day 2:
  • Focus and stop investments – use your selling resources to best effect
  • Plan Single Sales Objectives which are tangible and specific
  • Set revenue targets by making clear commitments with your client
  • Deliver sales support programmes which add value at little cost
  • Put it all together – complete you strategic account analysis (Gold Sheet)

The programme uses a very interactive training method where your table team works on an actual Gold Sheet as you learn the above techniques. You need to bring real client data to the programme (pre-course preparation) for this exercise which runs throughout the 2 days. You will therefore have a practical plan of action as your take-away at the end of the programme.