MBTI® Certification Programme

MDS is the sole distributor for Consulting Psychologists Press (visit www.cpp.com) and delivers the 4 day international MBTI® Certification Programme (Step I and II) in Hong Kong (English or Cantonese) and Beijing and Taipei (Mandarin). If you have a first degree (in any subject) you are eligible to apply for the MBTI® Certification Programme. 

On successful completion of the MBTI® Certification Programme you will be registered as a certified practitioner of the MBTI® instruments (Steps I and II). You will then be able to buy and administer the instruments via MDS. MDS became the centre of excellence for the MBTI® in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei in 2001. Since then we have certified MBTI® practitioners in more than 70 of the top global companies operating in Greater China.

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06/03/18 -09/03/18Hong KongCantoneseJOIN
26/03/18 -29/03/18BeijingMandarinJOIN
08/05/18 -11/05/18TaiwanMandarinJOIN
12/06/18 -15/06/18BeijingEnglishJOIN
26/06/18 -29/06/18Hong KongEnglishJOIN
14/08/18 -17/08/18Hong KongCantoneseJOIN
17/09/18 -20/09/18BeijingMandarinJOIN
30/10/18 -02/11/18Hong KongEnglishJOIN
20/11/18 -23/11/18TaiwanMandarinJOIN
26/11/18 -29/11/18BeijingMandarinJOIN