SPA™ Certification Programme

MDS is the distributor for MRG and delivers the 1 day SPA™ Certification Programme in Greater China. Programmes are offered in English or in Mandarin and delivered in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.  

It is also possible to complete the SPA™ Certification Programme by webinar (in English only). Please contact us for details of times and arrangements.
On successful completion of the SPA™ Certification Programme you will be registered as a certified practitioner of the SPA™ plus the associated instruments for “strategic directions”, “role expectations” and “composite reports”. You will then be able to buy and administer the instruments via MDS.

This certification programme is ideal for Sales VPs, Sales Performance Managers and Sales Trainers working to improve the performance of sales teams. As a skilled practitioner you will be able to:

Assess individual sales people and coach for development
Build development plans for sales teams to improve sales effectiveness
Hire sales professionals with the skills and abilities needed to grow your business

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06/12/18 -06/12/18Hong KongEnglishJOIN