Data from assessment instruments has revolutionised the way we assess and develop leaders and sales professionals. MDS has selected only the best instruments based on their:

Reliability and validity

Applications in the workplace

Credible track record

We have become a centre of excellence for the following:

MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)

FIRO®  (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation)

TKI® (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument®)

LEA 360™ (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™)

SPA™ (Sales Performance Assessment™)

IDI™ (Individual Directions Inventory™)

GMI (Global Mindset Inventory)

We have also developed our own questionnaire, the MDS 360®, to give you a fast and easy-to-use skills assessment for your leaders or sales professionals. This is not a psychometric instrument but offers you raw data which is great to use at the start of a development programme, and following the programme to build an individual development plan.

Data from these instruments is used for:

Assessing candidates for talent development

Understanding a present behavioural profile for assessment and development

Raising levels of self-awareness for personal and professional development

Building essential content for leadership and sales development programmes

Hiring candidates (SPA™ and LEA™ only)

MDS delivers the Certification Programmes for these instruments, which means you can become a qualified practitioner then buy and administer these instruments for your own programmes. You can then join a large alumni group of certified practitioners to network, share ideas and develop advanced skills.