MBTI® Application Programmes

To see how MDS has embedded the MBTI® instrument into our core leadership and sales programmes please click:

Executive Development

Building the Executive Team

Leading High Performance Teams

The Psychology of Selling

To help you become more expert with MBTI® applications in the workplace a range of excellent booklets is available.  For the complete list please visit the CPP Product Directory. Or visit the following links to see the application programmes which MDS has designed in 10 key subject areas – and the relevant MBTI® booklets used. 

1. Career Development
2. Change
3. Coaching
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Innovation
6. Leadership
7. Persuading and Influencing
8.  Selling
9. Team Building
10. Team Working

Please note. The MBTI® instrument cannot be used for hiring. Although there is a clear link between Type preferences and attraction to particular occupations, the MBTI® instrument does not measure skills and abilities. Further, it does not have a "lie detector" embedded into it. However the MBTI® instrument should be used in all internal talent management processes as it gives essential data on a candidate’s potential assets and development areas.