Taking your MBTI® Assessment

Step I (Form M) 

Form M has 93 questions and takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete. You can complete it either self scorable in class with the group, or online as pre-course preparation. The advantage of the self-scorable is that it allows the trainer to ensure that you get into the right mindset before completing the questionnaire. The advantage of the online system is that it saves valuable programme time, and also produces a range of reports.

The Form M is used with the booklet "Introduction to Type®". This gives a comprehensive description of all 16 Types and a clear description of how you can apply your new self-awareness and awareness of others using MBTI® data.

Step II (Form Q)

Form Q has 144 questions and takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete. It produces your basic MBTI® Type plus additional data which describes your unique characteristics. The Step II report is essential for senior people who will need a more "expert" understanding of their own Type. The report shows 20 "facets" (5 for each dichotomy). For example, the Extraversion – Introversion dichotomy contains the following five facets:

initiating – receiving

expressive – contained

gregarious – intimate

active – reflective

enthusiastic – quiet

The Step II report shows that you might show “out of preference” behaviours in any of these facets – hence your uniqueness in your MBTI® Type.

For any of the MBTI reports, please click Sample Reports