FIRO® Application Programmes

The FIRO-B® reports gives a very clear explanation of how people working together may potentially match or clash. It is therefore very valuable in:

Teambuilding – identifying likely sources of compatibility or tension, aiding effective decision making, improving communication, openness and trust.

Leadership development – increasing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness for personal growth and leadership development.

Relationship counselling – identifying and resolving possible sources of incompatibility and dissatisfaction.

Assessment – providing essential data when preparing candidates in assessment and development centres.

So trainers use the FIRO-B® instrument to deeply understand relationships in the workplace. It is particularly valuable when relationships are strained or when there are low levels of cooperation in a team. Please click the following links to see how MDS embeds the FIRO-B® into specific programmes.

Building Team Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® instrument

Building Leadership Relationships – Using the FIRO-B® Instrument

The FIRO Business™ Reports are particularly valuable to leaders because they show how you relate to direct reports, superiors and peers, influence and negotiate, make decisions, and set priorities. This comprehensive leadership assessment details strengths and development recommendations for improving your leadership performance.

So trainers use the FIRO Business™ instrument to help leaders understand how their interpersonal style determines their leadership behaviours in the workplace. Please click Leadership Development - Using the FIRO Business™ instrument to see how MDS embeds the FIRO Business™ instrument into specific programmes.