Taking Your LEA 360™ Assessment

You go online to complete your “self questionnaire” and also nominate a boss, 2 peer group members and 3 direct reports to complete an “observer questionnaire”. The report gives an accurate assessment of your leadership effectiveness in the workplace. It also clearly shows how your self-perception differs from the perception of others. 

Your low scores or the differences in perception are the areas which you usually target for your personal development plan. However you may also wish to consider any very high scores, as these may contain a "high score potential liability." In the same way a low score is not always bad news as it may carry a "low score potential asset." 

All questionnaires, including your own, are kept strictly confidential by MDS. Scores from your observers (except the boss) will be kept anonymous as peer group and direct report scores will be averaged out.

You may wish to start you leadership development experience by taking an LEA™ Self Report only. This gives a powerful assessment of your leadership profile. You can later add observers and generate an LEA 360™ Report.