LEA 360™ Application Programmes

Clients usually engage MDS to deliver one of the following application programmes using the LEA 360™ (or LEA™ Self Report). Please click the links below which will take you to other locations on the MDS website.

A core leadership programme for senior managers based on the LEA 360™

A minimum 3 month coaching period

2 review sessions with a coach or trainer delivered over 1 week

Then the following 2 programmes are used for specific skills building and development using your LEA 360™ report.

1. Best Practice Leadership (Half day)


This programmes uses:

The LEA™ Self Report

LEA™ Resource Guide

This half day programme enables you to gain powerful insights from your LEA™ Self Report. 

Best Practice Leadership takes you through a lively discussion of management versus leadership and enables you to understand the challenges to leadership in the 21st century. You will then learn how your LEA™ profile describes both your assets in leadership and also your challenges. You will be shown some of the best practice profiles for leaders in different industries and realise the importance of “Strategic” as a key leadership practice. You will learn the importance of deciding on changes to your leadership behaviours so you can become more effective in your particular leadership role.

If you have also generated your LEA 360™ report you will receive a 360 brief at the end of Best Practice Leadership plus your hard copy report. You will then review your LEA 360™ report in private with your coach or trainer in 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each during the following week.


Do management well, then rise to the leadership challenge
Understand your assets and challenges using the LEA™ model
Build a mindset and skills to be a more effective strategic leader
Create a personal development plan to be a more effective leader

2. Growing Great Leaders (2 Days)

This programme is based on the LEA™ practices which your Executive Team has selected as important for leaders in your company. These 7 practices were chosen by your leaders after a “Strategic Directions” exercise. Growing Great Leaders will enable you to develop skills, habits and behaviours in these 7 leadership practices.

This 2 day application programme assumes that you have already completed your LEA™ Self or LEA 360™ report and received feedback from an LEA™ coach or trainer. It is best to do this by attending the 1 day programme Best Practice Leadership. Or MDS can easily arrange one-to-one feedback with your LEA™ trainer (for you and other participants) before the start of Growing Great Leaders.

Growing Great Leaders takes you through lively interactive exercises and discussions so you can fully understand how can build a development plan for the 7 leadership practices selected by your Executive Team. With a recent client programme the practices selected were:

Management focus

The 8 sessions of Growing Great Leaders (2 day) programme then addresses each of these practices. You use role plays and exercises to build skills in all these areas. 


The aim is to apply these new skills in the workplace over the next 12 months and raise your LEA™ scores in these leadership practices.